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what is the best year for music?
(please post answers in the comment box or email them to me at gail at chickfactor dot com. don’t forget to give us your name, no anonymous answerers please! deadline august 1)

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  1. I’m not obsessive enough to verify it, but maybe 1965? Mid-sixties AM rock radio was just so amazingly diverse, with rock, pop, soul, country, instrumentals, soundtracks etc., all charting. People bopped to it all; tastes weren’t so compartmentalised.

    I love your website! You were linked to me by the guy with the Dolly Mixture site… I still haven’t found the DM content he was refering to- can you point me to the entry if there is one?

  2. The interview with Dolly Mixture chief Debsey is
    here. if this link doesn’t work try the archive week april 15. 1965 is a good choice.

  3. Peter Terzian says:

    “For me the best year for music was 1991.

    The Lilac Time: Astronauts
    Saint Etienne: Foxbase Alpha
    Cath Carroll: England Made Me

    These three albums form a sort of trilogy for me of English wonderfulness.”

  4. I don’t think it was the best year for music… if such a thing can ever exist… but let’s spare a dime, brother for… 1975.

    Pinned between glam rock and punk’s 1976 year zero, it’s been the kicking boy of music for far too long and yet it spawned Horses by Patti Smith, Another Green World by Brian Eno, Fame by David Bowie, I am not in Love by 10cc and… er… Metal Music Machine by Lou Reed.

    Sparks were still about and creating mischief.

    So were Roxy Music.

    Autobahn was in the top 10.

    The Carpenters were being toothy.

    Disco was shaking up the dance floor and reggae rumbling a few speakers.

    And contra John Lydon… I quite like Pink Floyd and Wish You Were Here has its moments.

    Okay it’s never going to trump 1957, 1973 or 1966 or 1983 in any poll but…

  5. Sooooooo, if you give your choice Gail, we have a neatly quartered opinion demographic…

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