chickfactor poll: digital vs. physical product

do you make more money from digital or non-digital sales?

bridget st john: physical product and publishing.

hannah grass widow: we make money from both.

stephen the real tuesday weld: digital.

daniel handler: as a musician, I make the most money from symphony orchestras performing something I co-wrote. thank god I have another gig.

fran cannane: we don’t make money.

corin tucker: non-digital, I think. it might be a toss up at this point.

andrew eggs/talk it: N/A

stephin the magnetic fields: physical, still. digital music listening is still largely unpaid.

erin a girl called eddy: neither I’m afraid. the occasional ASCAP royalty check I receive just about covers my entenmanns habit.

gordon the fan modine: it’s been about equal.

jennifer o’connor: about the same on each I’d say. but mainly, I make money from licensing my songs to tv and film.

matt lorelei: in the short term physical product as that is easier to sell at gigs (folks can hold it in their hand). but over the long term digital eventually catches up and may even surpass physical sales.

james dump/yo la tengo: donuts are a physical product, right?

joe pines / foxgloves: I heard a gratifying rumor about royalties from matinee records, but otherwise the closest I have ever come to making any money out of music is because gail o’hara pays proper money to acts she has asked to perform. I have appreciated this.