CF poll: Who should play at CF30 later this year?

Our first issue

chickfactor zine was started in the summer of 1992 by Pam Berry and Gail (me) O’Hara and our first issue came out at a Lois + Heavenly show at Maxwell’s in Sept. 1992. This year we will be celebrating our anniversary in a few cities and we asked folks who/where they wanted to play. Hope to see you all there!
NYC will be Oct 6 & 8
London will be Oct 28-30
PDX? DC? perhaps

Who should play at CF30 this fall? Where should it be? 
Janice Headley:
Lilys, a reunited Velocity Girl, Horsegirl. It should be in NYC, where it all began.
Beth Arzy: The Pastels, Comet Gain, Lightships, The Aislers Set and Pam Berry! London, Glasgow, Paris? 
John Lindaman: The Aluminum Group, for their new record, in NYC!
Stuart Moxham: Me! Paris, France.
Ed Mazzucco / Shelflife Records: Pipas reunion, Portland, OR
Kristin Thomson: Lilys, Unrest, Versus, Scrawl, Ida, Rebecca Gates/Spinanes, Clint Conley, Ohmme; Longshot, but I’d love to see boygenius
Claudia Gonson / The Magnetic Fields: I nominate one of Amelia and Rob’s many bands. They are certainly some of the most prolific musicians I have seen during quarantine. Maybe it can take place in a castle in the UK. Or Spain. Or New Zealand. Obviously, I am craving travel. 
Theresa Kereakes: Tristen! I selfishly want it to be somewhere that “strongly encourages masking” even if the state doesn’t care. 
Kevin Alvir: NY Please!! Cannanes. The Bats. Ashtray Boy. Pipas. Aislers Set. and I’m sure whoever else you get rules. 
Peter Momtchiloff: Vanishing Twin
Jim Ruiz: Shoestrings. They just released their sequel album on Shelflife after 24 years!!!
Daniel Handler: The Aluminum Group, The Bats, Birdie and the Spinanes, walking distance from my house.
Lois Maffeo: Versus! Their 1993 Let’s Electrify LP that Teenbeat re-released this year provides irrefutable evidence that Versus has been a titanic rock and roll band since the very beginning. Every song they write is wondrous and every show is awe-inspiring! 
Pete Paphides: Butcher Boy. Robert Forster. Whoa Melodic. The Leaf Library. Trashcan Sinatras. Altered Images.