dedicated followers of fashion…

spring fever.

of course we stand with the late quentin crisp, who said “fashion is what you adopt when you don’t know who you are.” we prefer highly developed personal style. nevertheless, as someone who pays a tiny bit of attention to what the designers are doing, I can say with some level of certainty that when it comes to spring/summer fashion trends, some things never go away: white, yellow, flesh, baby pink, gray, beige (or “greige”…“grayge”?), nautical, stripes, gingham, safari, military, polka dots, floaty ethereal frocks in dry-clean only fabrics that snag easily, etc. the above gallery features some designers whose creations for the season we might actually wear, if we were given free promos (hint hint). dries van noten. eley kishimoto. miu miuapc. chanel.

trends we can get behind no matter what year it is: the sixties. oriental. the 80s. flowers. op-art. motorcycle boots. we don’t mind if you want to dress up like lady mary either. ballerina style. orch pop. enid from ghost world (but we hate ‘ladylike punk’). the edith head look. mod. papillons. shiny silver gilded cecil beaton party dresses. lee miller. pendleton. vintage frocks. flannel. paisley. leggings. comfort. durability. quality. surf. recycled / customized / repurposed items. eco fashion. regionally sourced fashion. mary quant. twiggy. indie-pop. joey ramone. rosie the riveter. space-age flapper. suffragette. stevie nicks circa ’78. ziggy stardust.

trends to which we say “no no no”: fur (fuck you, fur industry, and all the idiot luxury magazines that advertise it). handbags made from endangered species. orthopedic shoes. top knots. anything skinny, shrunken, teeny, matchstick, etc. – especially jeans. sheer. neon. mesh. sheer neon mesh (see hannah’s ghastly ensemble on the painful-to-watch episode of girls last night). we prefer musical pastelism to pastel-colored clothing, which can be done very badly. life-threatening heels. dousing one’s entire body in toxic chemicals in an attempt to beautify oneself: just drink water. fast fashion. pointlessly expensive “designer label” b.s. mullets. outrageously priced thrift-store clothing.