cf poll: it is the end of the world as we know it so we are choosing the soundtrack.

of course it’s nonsense, but if the mayan’s end of world prediction comes true today, what should the theme song be?

darren hanlon: “calendar girl” by neil sedaka.

john the magnetic fields: thus spoke zarathustra! haha, just kidding. it would be “swinging on a star.”

james dump/yo la tengo: “barracuda.” it’s a kick-ass song.

andrew eggs/talk it: “what a wonderful world.”

hannah grass widow: “return to innocence.”

gaylord cf/wfmu: “is that all there is?” by peggy lee.

stephen the real tuesday weld: tommy dorsey’s “I’m getting sentimental over you.”

gordon the fan modine: “perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.”

corin tucker: “it’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine).”

daniel handler: miley cyrus, “party in the usa.”

pete paphides: tindersticks: “can we start again?”

shaun brilldream: “goodbye” by the sundays.

dawn cf: misfits “astro zombies.”

erin a girl called eddy: “alone again, naturally.”

michael white: the romantic aesthete in me says “is that all there is?” the realist says “flight of the bumblebee.”

clarissa cf: the final riff of the beatles’ version of “twist and shout.” I prefer, however, the idea that the end of the-world-as-experienced-as-present will only be clear in retrospect: cf. virginia woolf’s “on or about december 1910, human character changed.”

fran cannane: as I see the end of the world is due on 21 december I expect it would be some dreary christmas song.

stephin the magnetic fields: the monkees: “do I have to do this all over again?”

jennifer o’connor: prince “1999”?

legendary jim ruiz: another easy one, “edge of seventeen” (just like the white winged dove) by stevie nicks.

gail cf: “waiting for superman.”

allen clapp: doves: “pounding” (from the last broadcast)

tim dagger: versus “insomnia.”

bridget st john: “you’ll never walk alone.”

joe pines / foxgloves: I am not familiar with this prediction, but I agree with stephin merritt about skeeter davis.

ian musical chairs: the verlaines, “we’re all gonna die.”