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april march interviewed by gail
shawn belschwender interviewed by gail
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neko case interviewed by gail
chan cat power interviewed by gail
nick currie a.k.a. momus interview by gail & pam
david cross
mark american music club interview by gail
edith frost interview by gail
future bible heroes interview by gail
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heavenly interviewed by gail
adris hoyos harry pussy interview by alan licht
• the royal animation sisters georgia and emily hubley
philippe katerine interview by elisabeth vincentelli
lambchop interview by james mcnew
stephen malkmus interview by gail
mateo from siesta records interview by elisabeth vincentelli
james mcnew dump interview by gail
the stephin merritt the magnetic fields/ the 6ths/ the gothic archies/ future bible heros interview by gail
stephin the magnetic fields interview by claudia
mimi low interview by lois
the montgolfier brothers interview by gail
anna padgett from new york’s the naysayer doesn’t hold back
• rock critic peter paphides
bridget st. john interview by sam brumbaugh
stereolab interviewed by gail and pam
gilmore tamny the yips interviewed by gail
mary timony interviewed by dawn
• comic geniuses chris ware and archer prewitt


james “yo la tengo” mcnew’s south american food diary
some candy talking choc factor: a sweet column by peter paphides
cf mixtape gaylord fields compiles the ultimate vintage soul mix
the angry american on the uninspired spring 2004 collections (yes, fashion)
• get even: a list of mean things to do to your ex-special friend by gail
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europop correspondent roger mraz on eurovision 2003
europop correspondent roger mraz on eurovision 2002