xmas lights belong up all year round.

it’s weird to be in north carolina, and not in london, for the holidays. it’s weird to not have a job and a silly office xmas party to go to, or some bad secret santa nonsense to participate in. not that I want a job! well, okay, I need a job (can someone get me one please? or at least a book deal to publish my first grand tome of beautiful portraits — phaidon? taschen? steidl? someone, please! has anyone self-published with lulu or any other company?) this photo is of pam’s homemade LP sleeve gift boxes and the berry jones dining room festiveness during xmas ’06.

photograph: mike jones, london, 2006. (see jerrybones on flickr.com)

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  1. my friend henry self-published with lulu & i purchased the book & it was a very simple process.
    the book looked good too.

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