white women are not all the same.

and I don’t know a single one who is so brainless that she would actually “dump barack obama” in favor of a scary extremist like sarah palin. who conducts these polls!? no one ever asks me a thing. but I am, for lack of a better description, a “white woman” registered voter who fully supports obama and I know hundreds of others like me!

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  1. I agree, white women are not all the same. That is very true.

    It is odd how there are apparently people stupid enough to keep changing their minds this way and that during this ‘campaign’ … what was it that they didn’t know or understand at the start, or two months ago? What kind of person likes Obama after the Democratic conference, then McCain after the GOP one? A dangerous idiot.

  2. Well, the pundits believe that the American voter in general doesn’t care about or even know about issues but just wants to be amused or entertained. The half of the country that helped GWB get into the White House twice already (corruptly or not) are those who believe in a religious gov’t, they are against a woman’s right to choose, they are in favor of folks having guns, they are against gay marriage, you get the picture.
    I think the polls are useless, they never ask me or anyone I know anything. I can’t imagine a Hillary supporter transforming into a Sarah Palin / McCain supporter overnight. But as you say, half the country is made up of dangerous idiots, and presumably they are into voting for dangerous idiots.

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