where it’s at is where I was.

I apologize once again for my lack of blogginess. I have had trouble with things “publishing with errors” so if anyone wants to master my website please do. I have no idea how to fix these things. I spent the month of feb. in ditmas park, brooklyn, which is probably where I’d live if I were forced to move back to the big city. I do love DP. I thought it was rather fitting that this article appeared in the guardian while I was staying in a very brooklyn-pop-haus, and I wondered why the article didn’t say that much about black tambourine, like the fact that mike from slumberland records (who puts out crystal stilts and pains) was actually in BT, or that BT’s legendary vocalist pam berry lives in london and has for a decade, or say where you can buy a BT record. they are, of course, still pretty unknown to the mass audience, though josh at other music says they sell about 20 copies a week of the BT singles collection!

some other new york highlights included…
1. eating at angelica kitchen and s’nice all the time. angelica is like instant comfort on a plate for me — and I seem to know more waitstaff folks’ names now than when I lived 7 blocks away (it’s like my “cheers”). was really impressed with the food at freemans too, which I never figured would be vegan-friendly.
2. going to sonny’s bar in red hook. it has the best atmosphere EVER. shame I don’t use a flash, or I would have taken photos there.
3. seeing a million friends. seeing a million movies.
4. meeting reno dakota. he sang his answer song for us!
5. going to the sycamore, mimi’s hummus, the farm, and feeling a little bit like a cortelyou regular.
6. spending valentine’s day with kendall, jennifer, the whole gang.
7. the folk scene at the vetiver record release party. even I got a contact high from the pot fog that seemed to be filling the room like dry ice. pavement boy, I blame you!
8. the ballet with gia. catching up with a few other timeout types too.
9. tromping around in 55mph wind and skin-ruining freeze is heinous, but it’s good exercise!
10. as goofy as it might be, I can’t help but comment on fashions witnessed in new york city. I noticed a big table full of daisy duke style shorts at urban outfitters, which gives you an idea of how terrifying summer might be. I noticed old navy, gap and other big chains getting all american apparel esque (give up, guys, you can’t compete). I noticed that almost every guy I know has a beard. beards! everywhere. I noticed that NY style has gotten all LDN circa 2003 on us: skinny jeans, early 90s sneaks, etc etc. and I wish those saggy-ass jeans would just go away. also saw a few people looking very 80s — with john sex hair. maybe they were born in the 80s so they think they own it. me? I was featuring some ridiculously windblown hair, long-johns, extremely durable sensible but quite ugly footwear and paddington coats.

indieHaus photograph: by mark powell

2 Replies to “where it’s at is where I was.”

  1. Sure, it’s actually published in LD Beghtol’s 33 1/3 book about 69 Love Songs:

    Here goes… (sing to the tune of “Reno Dakota”)


    Dear Stephin Merritt:
    Please stop, I can’t bear it–
    Don’t call anymore.
    My answering machine
    Will continue to screen
    Though it’s tired and sore.
    But you’re not gonna score…

    Dear Stephin Merritt
    You’ve dangled your carrot
    In the form of a song.
    My eponymous ditty
    Is biting and witty,
    Your message is strong.
    But you’ve got me all wrong.

    From up in my tower
    I watch with a powerful lust
    For brown, gold and rust…
    Boys of color are just what I must.

    So, dear Stephin Merritt
    Please dump out your claret,
    Try sleeping at night
    I’m wishing you well
    But that snowball in hell
    Has the same sorry plight
    And though try as you might…
    You’ll both always be white.

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