what’s in your rider?

discussing food on the road, riders, etc. is a very chickfactor thing to do. in our first issue, we discussed the rider of the smiths, which was revealed in the book morrissey and marr. here the guardian goes into detail regarding what these bitches like in their riders — oh, what’s the point of being a diva if you can’t make silly demands? and speaking of guardian articles, has anyone seen this jon savage joy division movie? I hope it beats control.
ps. are you a touring musician who is fabulous enough to have a rider? if so please post yours in the comment box!

2 Replies to “what’s in your rider?”

  1. Actually the best – only? – thing I ever had approaching a rider was the free lager backstage at Bush Hall, at one of your cf shows, Gail. The lager wasn’t extra special but at least it was ours.

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