what to drink.

just in case you are thirsty this summer, why not try a cocktail created for us by the renowned author daniel handler…

the chickfactor

2 parts bourbon
1/2 part green chartreuse
mix and fill with champagne
toss in lemon wedge
toss back
engage in clever conversation
(serve in champagne flutes, natch)

(*repeat at your own risk, dearies.—editrix)

if that is not to your liking, you could try the bbc pimm’s cup recipe we’ve been enjoying in the muggy american south of late:
– one and a half shots pimm’s
– three shots sparkling lemon soda
– three shots spicy ginger beer
– stir, add vertically sliced cucumber, one strawberry halved, chopped fresh mint leaves and thin slices of lemon (all organic, of course, or rinsed very well)
– add ice
– enjoy!