what ho indeed.

the new love of my life is hugh laurie. the girls in the video store made fun of me one day when I was returning the last DVD of the jeeves & wooster box set and renting out the first season of house m.d. and some fry and laurie as well. one of them marvelled at how she now fancies hugh as his cantankerous genius doctor character but that she’d never fancied any of his characters before, and my pal lauren agrees. pam had warned me about his really bad american accent and the fact that he isn’t funny in this med-show. he’s a successful actor and therefore probably a huge-headed ass in real life, with his wife and three kids and motorcycle collection blah blah blah. but what range he has as an actor! and he looks so darn cute as the clueless bertie wooster even if no woman in her right mind could fancy that character (apart from madeleine bassett or one of the other bob-haired babes on J&W). though it is pretty scary how much like him so many british men actually are! anyway, what a guy. when he is all suited up and looking all cole porter ish and banging out silly songs on the piano (with jeeves smirking in the background), who can resist him? so much better than that other hugh…

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