we don’t want you to rock us.

here in london there are so many silly pop related musicals, such as the queen musical, we will rock you (or somesuch), mamma mia (which even stephin merritt turned his nose up at and he is the world’s biggest abba fan), and then in new york there are billy joel musicals, elton john mucking up musicals, even a beach boys musical. but now, at last, ladies and gents, it is the long awaited proclaimers musical!! okay, well, it’s true that they only made one truly great album (entitled this is the story, and the follow-up featuring that ‘500 miles’ song was pretty okay too. but in their moment, which was I suppose the late 80s, they were the tops. when I ran into a famous indie label kahuna one night in NY after I had just gone to see the proclaimers, he laughed at me. but then I made him a mixtape of their hits, and he confessed that yes, indeed, believe it or not they are cool (though perhaps a little less cool than the other reid brothers from some late 80s legendary noisypop band).

photo courtesy of the proclaimers themselves