watch this!

we are aching to see a number of films out there. wishing we were at cannes for a few things, but more importantly…
1. the all tomorrow’s parties movie, which is playing this week at the seattle film festival and I am hoping to be there. or at one of their screenings soon. I found out about this one too late — I would have been able to offer up a few photographic images from the bowlie weekender (and a few others) — I was in the rockstar chalets so I have some good ones of what rock stars look like before coffee (yikes!)! I am hoping I don’t see myself in the film itself, but I do remember people standing around with cameras while I was shooting the shit with cornelius and duglas bmx bandit out in the quad. I have been told that I am in a barbican crowd shot of the new vashti bunyan doc, which I also cannot wait to see. and it may go without saying that I am crushed that I still have not seen paul kelly’s new doc, take three girls: the dolly mixture story. paul, where’s my dvd!?
2. food inc. is a movie that I hope will become a blockbuster success like an inconvenient truth. I have never been able to understand in this country why we have to pay more money for food that is not hosed down with toxins, carcinogens, pesticides, etc. that makes no sense!
3. handmade nation is another one I want to see — evidence of small things changing the world.
4. our pal gary hustwit has made objectified, the follow-up to his helvetica and we’re there as soon as we’re in the same town as jet-setting gary, who runs indie film dvd label plexi btw.
5. this film, the story of stuff is enough to put you in the mood for spring cleaning and the avoidance of buying any more cheap tat. you can watch it all here on the site. please forward!