tour fashion: autumn 08.

oh sigh. it used to be my job to follow around those magnetic fields documenting their every move. in those days the magnetic fields were likely to be seen on a train or in a volvo with a hot mug of earl grey and a penguin classic, and maybe a palm pilot (oh, doesn’t that sound so dated!) nowadays as you can see from this pic on mike + emma’s magnetic fields tour blog (who have taken over as primary tour photographers, and are doing a fine job of it), the magnetic fields are not partial to PCs.

this pic I included because I think mr. merritt looks dapper in this new hat of his. is it a pork pie hat or some other variety? god, it’s good I’m not a contestant on the new silly tv show *stylista* or I’d surely be kicked out of soho for not knowing a trilby from a derby!

photographs: emma straub, mike fusco and john woo.