today’s picks down memory lane…

1. yo la tengo. various chickfactor writers and many of their friends (and now husbands) star in this one: “tom courtenay”, boy was that fun to make, waking up all the hipsters on ludlow and houston on an early sunday morning in 1995. we love the dance moves in this song: “you can have it all”; and of course, mr show’s bob and david make this essential comedy viewing: “sugarcube”
2. former magnetic fields gender-fuck mascot ilsa jule stars in these two beautiful vids: “with whom to dance” and “born on a train”, while most of you have seen this very funny merritt tv appearance already.
3. anyone have any idea whatever happened to the popguns? chickfactor had every intention of tracking down the girl singer from this band but they up and disappeared.
4. back when space rock was still interesting, flying saucer attack (check out “beach red lullaby”) changed my life. we loved them at the first terrastock, god, was that really ten years ago?
5. as far as pop groups go, and as far as human beings go, we doubt they get much better than birdie; watch “such a sound” here and make sure to ask them when their new album is coming out, the kids want to hear it. birdie are honorary members of saint etienne as well — check out “who do you think you are?” to see debs singing away with ms cracknell.
6. in the girl pop bands chickfactor wishes she could join / could have joined are: all girl summer fun band and of course the shop assistants.
7. this one has the little house in it that was around the corner from us in cheshire street. I remember talking to alasdair from the clientele about “house on fire” and he hadn’t even seen it/been there.
8. when chickfactor had new wave hair, chickfactor danced to b-movie’s “nowhere girl” and had no shame in liking “99 luftballons”, a song we’ve always wanted to try at karaoke. perhaps this spring while travelling in san francisco or portland, oregon…. that’s all for today.