are these not the coolest cover models you’ve ever seen?!

vinyl lives, part 3 the magnetic fields have announced that they will be issuing their entire catalog on vinyl, beginning with the charm of the highway strip out may 6 on merge and a summer pressing of distortion on nonesuch, and then merge will put out get lost in the autumn.
magnetic fields eurotour dates and if that is not excitement enough, the band is off to europe this summer for some dates in some of our favorite old towns — we hope to see you there…
june 22: barcelona / auditori del forum
june 23: madrid / teatro coliseum
june 25: malaga / teatro cervantes
june 26: lisbon / aula magna
june 28: gothenburg / lorensbergsteatern
june 29: stockholm / cirkus
july 8: dublin / vicar street
july 9 & 10: london / cadogan hall
click here for more details.

could this visage sleeve possibly be the inspiration for the get lost cover?

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  1. Well, as I have already pointed out, the main result of this vinyl reissue campaign (whose general motive is not otherwise altogether clear to me) will be to make available to a wide public large quantities of much bigger pictures of Gail O’Hara than ever before.

    I think I should be grateful to you for telling me those tour dates were coming up, Gail, as otherwise I would likely not have
    been sufficiently sur le ballon to book, and then TMF might not have been able to afford a cup of coffee when they came over to London. So everybody’s happy.

    It is funny somehow that they are playing Vicar Street, Dublin. Come to think of it, I would love to see TMF in Dublin. I wonder if that night is sold out already. Maybe I should tell my friend The Vicar.

  2. you gotta tell us about that photo – where was it, when, how much was drunk, who did your hair… do the m. fields need some kind of ‘interpreter’? i do that for free these days you know. ah, i’d even take them to look for hidden casks of amontillado if they so wished. xohpnf

  3. the photo was taken at upstairs at fez/time café, I don’t have the date handy, you’ll have to wait for my memoirs. I did my own hair. ashley salisbury did our makeup — she used an eyelash curler on me and gave me a small hickey right below one eye. these injuries happen to models of course (not that I was paid!) oh, the fez sure could make a dynamite dirty martini, or sidecar, yes those were the days darling…
    half-pint, I will ask TMFs if they want to hire you as their spanish-speaking slave. they tend to go for kids in their twenties, but you never know…

  4. I do interpretation too, but not for free, unless you count publishing with academic presses.

    It’s not really fair how plum jobs for the girls are being given out on this thread. If TMF need an ‘interpreter’ then surely they need a ‘literary critic’ too. I can take people to hidden cans of Guinness, assuming I’ve had a few minutes to hide them first.

    Maybe it’s in the 69LS booklet that Merritt is asked ‘what cocktail would TMF be?’ and he says ‘a sidecar or a Manhattan’ – which is why I put the former in a song once. Still not sure what it is, though.

    I’m not sure what a hickey is.

    The question re. the photo is good, though. I have just looked at it again, and the fact is – Gail looks better than anyone else in the shot. I think that’s true.

  5. well, joe, I’m embarrassed now. surely that isn’t true! perhaps you just don’t find girlymen, drag kings and married people attractive! the idea behind this sleeve was to re-create the bored, pretentious record sleeve seen visage’s damned don’t cry single. I believe I do have an edge when it comes to looking even more bored and more pretentious than everyone else. it’s called acting!

  6. You’re right – I don’t find those sorts of people attractive. Especially not … married people.

    Never seen that Visage cover before! This explains … if not Everything, then … well, the Get Lost cover. I have a live copy of TMF singing that, or rather Merritt on his own suddenly launching into it on his scratchy left-handed (?) electric guitar, at some relatively modest event (it probably didn’t even cost £24 a ticket) – and I vaguely assumed that it was a Gothic Archies song, just because the title pointed my relatively ignorant guess in that direction. And now I guess I know better, about that too.

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