this is the story.

• a while ago I told some of you that there would be a chickfactor 17, which would be nice because chickfactor 16, our first online issue, came out more than two years ago. I lied. we aren’t going to do another issue like that, instead you will see longer pieces throughout the year (such as the debsey birdie interview below). I know this website has been short on content since it launched in 2002, but I have been trying to add more content. I would like it to be more like chickfactor magazine, but with regular news updates so feel free to email me your news items. I don’t really like writing record reviews anymore (after 20 years of doing it, are you surprised?), but I do plan to do more music coverage (and not just silly hair and fashion articles).
• chickfactor turns 15 this summer, our first issue came out in sept 1992, and we hope to have some events in our favourite major cities. not sure who is playing yet but the pines seem keen to get out of semi-retirement, fingers crossed.

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