‘they shake their heads, they say I’ve changed.’

one of the first songs I ever really, really loved and knew every word to and even sang in public with my best friend from third grade (who had white patent leather beatle boots and thought she was an olympic gymnast) was “both sides now” by joni mitchell. I never fell for her full on in the same way perhaps claudia gonson has or a few of my other mates but I can surely recognize that the woman has written some classic songs (I love “big yellow taxi” too). so why, I wonder, is the bbc out to get her? why do they have such issues with this woman? has she, like bob dylan, sold her soul to starbucks and victoria’s secret? I don’t think so. perhaps she is planning to. I don’t know, but can we just let her have her comeback, evaluate it and then decide whether she sucks or not (now)? for chrissakes, if you want to start deciding who should not be allowed to make another record, let’s start with natasha bedingfield or someone truly offensive. leave joni alone. yeah, the woman takes herself a little too seriously but so what? let her be.