there *could* be a reunion.

the telegraph reports that morrissey and marr are working through their differences, and speculates that there *could* be a smiths reunion. does anyone think that’s a good idea? I know I am spoiled. I saw the smiths in 1985, when some of you were just being born or in elementary school. it was heaven, of course. but it’s been 21 years since their split — it seems like reforming can only be a downer. thoughts? is anyone out there? please comment! I feel so alone here.

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  1. Bad idea. But a bad idea I would go see, for sure! Indeed, in 1985 I was 7 years old so this would be a unique chance. It’ll sadly probably cost a fortune to actually see it happen, IF it happens.

  2. saw them in 85 and 86. am all for a reformation, but it should be all four of them. mike joyce could wear his smiths t-shirts again.

  3. They probably should not reform. If they did, I would want to see it – though that's easily said; could I get a ticket? Probably not. It would be a media event etc anyway, I suppose, beyond just the gigs or whatever they did.

    But are they going to reform? People have been talking about this since they split. I remember an NME front cover in 1992 with SMITHS TO REFORM, no question mark, in the top corner. Hm, didn't notice that reformation. I guess it could always happen, the next rumour could always be true. But what's changed? For a long time M&M have talked of each other quite favourably in a very detached way, but not with any enthusiasm at all about working together again. Morrissey's profile is now pretty high and he has a new solo record on the way. He's also been loyal to, or had loyalty from, his own band, which he might not want to threaten or diminish. Marr 'needs it' more than Morrissey, but then does even he need it? He's not the needy type. And for two decades he has batted away this kind of talk with irritation.

    I don't want to be the one who says it won't happen if it then does. But should it? Probably not.

  4. Why couldn’t you get a ticket? You could, you’d just have to get up early and wait in a queue, or ask your Uncut journalist pals for help.
    I don’t think Marr *needs* it any more than Moz does. Marr has a full-time job in Modest Mouse, yes? I hate Modest Mouse. Oh well. It will just look like they’re cashing in at this point anyway.

  5. For selfish reasons, I hope they don’t re-form. I hear more than enough about The Smiths already without being bugged by the additional noise which would be generated.

    Having said that, cashing in doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, it’s not like the Smiths was a non-commercial proposition in the first place. If some Smiths shows would make people pleased, who am I to object? The 14-year-old me is shouting about betrayal of legacy from somewhere in the back of my mind, but I can’t help thinking that the things that kid cared about have already been betrayed by a bunch of records the 16-year-old me really hated.

    I take no position on the matter of the band reforming.

  6. It’ll never happen. Joyce is the one Moz has a problem with anyway, not Marr. Morrissey’s whole reason for keeping on is his love of the spotlight, the way he’s adored by me and many others. Having the other three up there with him would only dilute that for him. His upcoming tour is excitement enough for me. The Smiths is dead.

  7. I do not think Moz will ever do this, and thank goodness for that. He said it best himself-its not about the money, its about principle. Why should Andy and Mike benefit from all of Moz’s efforts since the break up of the band? They need him, he doesn’t need them. He plays Smiths songs live along with all his great solo material. What more do you really need?

  8. a) Morrissey's hatred for Joyce is such that it couldn't be in the cards…far worse than any anger Rotten had for Matlock. After viewing Rourke & Joyce's INSIDE THE SMITHS doc, I'm starting to understand Moz' anger. lol
    b) Moz probably gets some perverted thrill that even The Beatles (technically) reunited but The Smiths still haven't.

    I've always thought that it was inevitable that Morrissey and Marr got back together for pure inspiration. Those thoughts were tempered after the reunion of Anderson and Butler failed to yield anything terribly memorable.


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