the other e.c.

forgive my blogging absence, friends and readers — trust me, I have some very legit personal reasons for not tapping away. (I also wonder if any of you saw the sex blog girl’s article in the guardian or the emily gould from gawker cover story on the NY times magazine? while I hate to mention their over-publicized names, it’s so funny how they have to write huge high-profile articles proclaiming the end of their blogging careers. oh wait, the sex blog girl will continue doing it; so new york gents who care to date her should consider this a warning.) sorry for the long aside, just my way of saying sometimes overexposure can be very unattractive. on to the news….
1 we wish we were in london (all summer, every summer for the rest of our lives, at least on those cool gray days) for the june 16 edwyn collins tribute benefit thing at the social we believe our man harvey williams is somehow responsible for.
2 indiepop titan edwyn collins of course suffered a stroke a few years ago, so it’s not only exciting that he is still making music, but check out the glorious record sleeves that were lovingly created for his new single, which is out (only in the UK dammit) june 23 so someone please get me one okay?