the marquee.

Photo by Rebecca Gates. Here is the marquee from our Townes event the other night, which went really well. I had seen the film at the London Film Festival back in 2005, but I had forgotten how great it is. Sure, it is sad and intense, and amazing to see all this footage of Townes playing music in his crazy patchwork trousers, or guzzling bourbon whilst holding a shotgun. My favorite moments are basically whenever Guy Clark is onscreen — holy Jesus, what a piece of work. In some scenes he is brazenly sucking on a joint. I love seeing Steve Earle, Steve Shelley and Tim Foljahn in the film as well. We were lucky to have producer Sam Brumbaugh come out from the East to introduce the film, and give a little insight into how it got made. Here’s what they played…

Julie Vitells (What Hearts) “Pancho and Lefty”
The Glorious First of June (Richard Shirk from Soft Tags) “Highway Kind”
Flash Flood & the Dikes “Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel”
Darren Hanlon with Shelly Short “I’ll Be Here in the Morning”
Rebecca Gates “No Place To Fall” / “St John the Gambler”

Next time I will have to have more glittering disco music to keep the party vibe alive between film + music, but generally I think people were psyched to be there, and it was good fun after to go to the silly Sam’s bar and shoot the shit with the gang. Anyway, the whole curating thing is forcing me to learn a lot more about the Portland music scene.

Next up: Slow Century (Pavement movie by Lance Bangs) May 20
The Hubley Studio June 11
Emily Hubley Films June 10