the magnetic fields on a rare u.s. tour.

the magnetic fields released an album in january and toured a few places this year so far, the west coast, chicago and europe. now they are going to some of those u.s. cities they missed earlier this year: minneapolis, madison, dallas, austin, boulder, atlanta, raleigh, jersey city, columbus, philly and d.c. we’ll be seeing you at a few of these dates — click here for tickets (not exactly recession-friendly prices, perhaps, but you could always sell a couple of rare items on ebay…) oh, they’re so worth your hard-earned dosh. the thing about the magnetic fields is you never know if/when they’ll ever tour again, so best not to miss.

photograph: by me, of course. in fact, that red chair is very chickfactor. I bought it from pam berry before she moved to london. we took this famous pic just before 69LS came out, and then I foolishly gave it away (I kind of had to) when I was in london. I like how the picture looks like I baked cookies and then scanned it in with flour on my hands — imperfection is so beautiful.

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  1. you gave away the picture? or the chair?

    i am giving the live TMF experience one more chance when they come to philly this month, but i don’t expect much. i liked it better when claudia played the drums.

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