the family line…

the guardian doesn’t know what to make of the new steven patrick morrissey album cover. what do you guys think? is it shocking enough? what else could he do at this point to send the nme into a tizzy? I never thought I’d feel this way, 20 years after the smiths split, but I don’t really care at all when he releases a solo album. not even sure I’ve heard the most recent ones. then again, I do have a birthday coming up. which one of my still-rock-critic pals is going to burn it for me?

2 Replies to “the family line…”

  1. The cover is great but my feelings are mutual in that I don’t even blink an eye when he releases anything anymore. Which is really too too bad.

  2. YEARS OF REFUSAL is a super, summative Morrissey title. It may be that he is still tidying up great necessary career-defining phrases like that, even though he doesn’t have whole songs to match.

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