the cinema.

here at chickfactor we are devoted (as you guys well know) to the guardian newspaper and the bbc website. sure, we check in with the new york times and the washington post for old time’s sake; the times of london on sunday; and even the l.a. times when we need an update on the phil spector trial or something. but when it comes to film coverage, we like and trust our man sukhdev sandhu at the telegraph, here’s a link to what he liked and what he didn’t (sad news if terry gilliam and michel gondry are on that list) and here is some general cannes coverage. our old friend mark jenkins of washington city paper and washington post fame has an excellent film magazine as well called reel dc; he’s reviewing films for npr these days as well.

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  1. The LAT’s coverage of the second Spector trial was almost non-existant, actually. I think they felt like it was the same thing all over again (and it was, pretty much). I wonder if he’ll make any music behind bars.

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