terrastock 7!

in case anyone was under the impression that there is a folk revival going on, that is not the case at all. the amalgam of minigenres lumped under this category has been present at varying levels of hipster awareness. back in 1997, we went to the very first terrastock in some giant awesome building in providence, rhode island, and had our ears blown out by the likes of flying saucer attack and alternately soothed by barbara manning and her ilk. terrastock is the underground’s music fest; not like green man in the UK, which has been known to feature big names for the sake of it. we are shocked and delighted to hear of the existence of terrastock 7, scheduled to happen at melwood arts center, louisville, kentucky, on 19-22 june 2008, featuring many fine acts such as antietam, windy & carl, damon & naomi, marissa nadler, MV&EE and umpteen members of the loose collective once known as elephant six. we shall see you there (unless we win the lottery and spend that evening in barcelona with some other silly pop group). bearded gents and their sulky, aloof ladyfriends should purchase tix now to avoid having to attend lollypalooza instead.

2 Replies to “terrastock 7!”

  1. hooray! same line up seven years in a row!!

    just kidding. will be interested in what you make of marissa nadler. we played with her and PB&J across the states last summer. she was nice.

  2. you’re just jealous because the bevis frond get to play every year and you have to play pitchfork atp! I think the tickets are a little pricey and louisville must be hot hot hot in june — we’ll see if I go…

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