ten best girl groups?

the guardian thinks it knows what the ten classic girl groups are but we beg to differ. you can tell how silly and british this list is when you see girls aloud and the spice girls on the list, as if they deserve to have their names printed on the same piece of paper with the ronettes and the shangri-las (and even the supremes)! what about the angels? the shop assistants? look blue go purple? salem 66? esg? sleater-k? le tigre? raincoats? and since they recorded “eternal flame” it is hard to remember that the bangles were once pretty great, but I think they were! ah, there were so many others. anyone want to nominate some more for the chickfactor top ten?

2 Replies to “ten best girl groups?”

  1. Actually, I give ’em props for listing the Paris Sisters- that’s some dense female energy right there.

    Hmm. What about the Dixie Cups?

    I second your ESG. How about Alethea and Donna?

    I love Dolly Mixture, and Liliput/Kleenex.

    Anything with Jay Clarkson, though I’m pushing the “group” part of it…

    Umm… Patience and Prudence??

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