The Pacific Ocean: Birds Don’t Think They’re Flying CD (US only)


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Birds Don‘t Think They’re Flying was the first record by New York City indie band The Pacific Ocean, featuring Connie Lovatt (Alkaline, Containe) and Edward Baluyut (Versus, Containe)

The 8-song EP was the third release on chickfactor/Gail O’Hara’s Enchanté Records

“…two musicians who understand the dynamics of, and connection between, music and emotions. Birds works as a cohesive whole, seamlessly drifting from one down beat to the next. It explores the softly shaded corners of the broken heart with a civil detachment, which shrouds an emotional state far more heated and obsessive than the vocal tones or blanketed guitar let on…” — Big Takeover

©1997 All songs written by the Pacific Ocean.
Connie Lovatt: bass, vocals
Edward Baluyut: guitar, drums, vocals

Patrick Ramos played drums on “You’re Always Somewhere Else” and “If I Could Fall”

Produced by Nicolas Vernhes and the Pacific Ocean

Recorded at Rare Book Room by Nicolas Vernhes

Peng (Christopher Baluyut) helped write the lyric to “Two Twenty”

Band photos by Gail O’Hara