send me a postcard.

we at chickfactor are what one might call throwbacks. one thing we preferred about yesteryear is the act of mailing things and getting wonderful things in the mail. you can ask my friends — I still send postcards. in a world full of fleeting tweets, tossed off one-line emails and junk-mail catalogs filled with things you’d never want, a postcard is a reminder of all that is good. the gang at mcsweeneys have created a package of them called greetings from the ocean’s sweaty face (one postcard pictured above) featuring some ace artists such as chris ware. we think it’s a heck of a recession-friendly deal: $18 for 100 postcards.

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  1. did you get my highlands postcard? oh, maybe it arrived after you left the portland. well more coming soon. xolupe

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