see jane go.

I had a job interview at jane magazine once and the interviewer (not ms pratt herself) told me: “jane is a genius.” as in the person, not the magazine (I think). I also went to a taping of the short-lived jane pratt tv show, which had a riot grrrl theme that day, with guests such as rebecca odes (lovechild, and kim gordon, and musical guest bettie serveert! and like any other late-80s, early-90s gal I read sassy magazine too. it was announced this week that jane magazine will stop publishing in august. when my former employer ellegirl shut down, a bunch of my ellegirl mates went to work at jane, including editor brandon holley, who used to write articles about things like how not to get ripped off by auto mechanics (even though you’re a girl) and how to drag race for jane. so I had high hopes for what would happen to the boy-crazy mag under brandon’s reign, and it is a real shame she won’t have a chance to show us what the new regime can do.