rich people are so silly.

I guess I feel pretty smug having paid $7 to see led zeppelin at the capitol center in largo, maryland, back in, uh, let me see, was it 1977? I know, it’s sad, some of you weren’t even born yet. I can’t imagine going to see them now. even in those days when I saw grand bands of the 60s and 70s I usually felt like it was all over already. the bbc reports here that some fool bought two tickets at $85,000 each (okay, it was for charity, but still…). I remember the time we saw robert plant at the divine comedy show at fez — was it really him? we all walked up to him and acted like it was. if it wasn’t, it was some sad, aging feller trying his damnedest to impersonate the big blonde rock god. I have discovered over the years that when you see a person and you think to yourself: my god, that girl is trying super extra hard to look like courtney love!, that girl usually actually is courtney love.

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