reasons to live in london.

I lived in london for more than four years and during that time the lovely songwriter stephen duffy only came out of the woodwork twice — once to play at the wonderful cecil sharp house and once to play chickfactor’s l’age d’or de la pop at bush hall. the rest of the time I was there I believe he was off doing god knows what, I mean, music directing the robbie williams big showbiz extravaganza, which must have been kind of fun for him and surely paid him a pretty penny. but now! at last! a proper london show for the old man, and I cannot believe I will not be able to attend. he plays november 15 at royal festival hall. do not be a fool and miss it. sell something on ebay and be there.

next week, however, I will actually be in london for the return of the great lady british folksinger bridget st john, who will perform at tapestry on november 20 (there is one ticket left here!) I have enjoyed the tapestry club in the past, though I do believe it is not ideal for anyone as quiet as this lady singer, for whom john peel started a label way back when. I do hope that the tapestry crowd can keep as quiet as the chickfactor audience did for ms st john back in 04. the sad thing is, I have to say, that she should be headlining the royal festival hall as well, as she is every bit as deserving of a full re-emergence and re-appreciation as vashti bunyan.