please god let me wear an autumn sweater? it is too hot here in the states…

I am somewhat absent from the “blog” at the moment because I have just had to up and move away from my beloved highgate in london back to the very hot new york city, which is where I am at the moment (homeless, jobless, computerless for the most part), so please bear with me. there is some movement / activity in magnetic fields documentary land at last. I should enjoy freedom while I have it, if that is indeed what we have here in the usa. there were multiple lovely send-off soirees in london last week and I will post some photos soon from the big gig at positively 4th street (which we love and to whom we apologize for setting a bag on fire on one of their tables). scintillating sets from kendall mascott, alasdair clientele, pam pines, jessica and peter would-be-good, the real tuesday weld, and the piney gir trio occurred, much cava was delicately sipped, fancy frocks donned, many festive gifts given — as usual, my friends spoiled me silly. I hope to have something real and actual to report very soon.

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  1. I’ve always thought ephe would make a great documentary subject. Another: Julia Riley. Get on that next.

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