pat graham.

there is a good interview here in, erm, fecal face with our pal pat graham, photographer of many great bands and people, who owns the lovely 96 gillespie gallery with his wife melanie standage, who is also a talented photographress. he’s got a new monograph out, which seems to be getting a lot of press. looking at his photos makes me think: real film is so much more beautiful than digital photography. why is everyone so compliant in getting rid of film to make way for new technology? I am not saying you can’t have both, but I would hate to see real film become obsolete and we would be left with no choice. pat’s work reminded us of several other fab d.c. photographers cynthia connolly and her book banned in d.c., which we are happy to see is still in print, and darrow montgomery and charles steck; the former still works for the washington city paper, and the latter is doing all kinds of editorial work to pay the bills. I noticed a comment on the fecal face page from someone who envies pat’s job and is hoping to be hired by a label to go out and photograph bands, and here’s our advice to that person: don’t expect anyone to ask you to do it. go out there and take photos. you just have to take initiative.

photograph of bikini kill: pat graham