our noise. merge book.

the new book our noise: the story of merge records will be available in july at xx merge fest in carrboro, NC, but officially will be published sept 15, 2009 on algonquin books. written by john cook (who has written for gawker, radar and the chicago tribune), it is a collaboration with awesome merge heads mac mccaughan and laura ballance, who tell the superchunk story along with merge’s. three gail o’hara photos of the magnetic fields are due to appear in it as well, along with lots of other fun stuff (there is a pencil sketch of the get lost cover, so I am kind of in the book), along with a number of photos of venue marquees on which the magnetic fields’ name is misspelled (usually the magnetic feilds). that seems to happen a lot — maybe just to annoy the meticulous mr. merritt! anyway, more on this book once we’ve read it…

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  1. I want this !

    does this book was written especially for me ? ;))

    (just hope this make sense in english …)

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