no! no, new order. just go away.

I remember seeing new order in 1986 or 1987 and even then I had the feeling that it was all over. why must they continue to milk the cash cow? why can’t bands just do something new or open a bakery or something? the bbc reports here that new order will carry on without peter hook, which we cannot condone. we also are a little scared of a band that andy rourke from the smiths is in now with hook and mani from stone roses. it’s like madchester all over again, and we’re so over that nu-rave scene.

2 Replies to “no! no, new order. just go away.”

  1. Sooo true.

    Why can’t these bands stop before they become crap and spoil their whole legacy.

    New Order should have disappeared after “technique”.

    When bands start releasing bad records trying to prolongue their careers, I never seem to enjoy their old stuff as much as I used too.

    And I hate it when bands go on after most of the original members have left … sad sad sad !!!

    BArt (belgium)

  2. I think “Waiting for the Sirens’ Call ” is a really fine record. Although I would be disappointed if they continued without Hook, he always seems to come running back after whatever new project he’s working on fails (i.e. Revenge).

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