new piccadilly cafe closing.

london’s changing face is just as depressing as new york’s. another day, another starbucks. the part of town where the new piccadilly cafe is located (uh, piccadilly) is probably as expensive as you can get, since the entire area is clogged with tourists these days — ideal for a terror attack. it is a real shame to see this café go. I love to hang out there even if there is nothing for a vegan to eat on the entire menu. everyone should head down and have a cup of joe and toast before they close their doors forever in late september. this site about classic cafés has more details about all the places disappearing before our eyes.

2 Replies to “new piccadilly cafe closing.”

  1. Very sad indeed to see it go.

    Modern life really is becoming rubbish, with every place or city becoming more uniform.

    When I go abroad (say, to London) I don’t want to find the same shops and the same brands I find at home. I want to experience different things, different tastes, …

    This idea of one big world full of the same people experiencing the same things bores me.

    And don’t get me started on things like Starbucks …

    Where is the love ?

    BArt (Belgium)

  2. it’s especially sad after a whole bunch of closures and doing ups. my soho is slowly shrinking. they’ll be serving pints and letting you use your mobile in the french house next.

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