new band + gig alert.

sonny & cher, john & yoko, peaches & herb, stephin & claudia — some of the most important musical partnerships involve ampersands. we are excited to introduce amor de días, a new pop superduo starring lupe & alasdair (from pipas and the clientele, respectively). this is no surprise as these two acts are big fans of each other’s music. some lucky pop fans have seen lupe read guest vocals on the clientele’s poignant “losing haringey” at various live shows. she also sang on a few tracks on god save the clientele. anyway, their live debut show is 15 march in copenhagen, and a london gig is happening the last weekend in march (well, the show features an extremely rare performance by london’s extremely talented THE PINES, along with peter and jessica would-be-goods, and the first division, which is a new duo starring joe pines and tim visitors), and recording is underway. stay tuned for more details…

photograph by travis elborough; this is not an official promo photo.

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  1. goodness – it sounds like this show is actually going to … happen. I mean, if it’s on chickfactor, then it must be true.

    we’d better get thinking about rehearsals!

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