my taste is good taste.

happy september, cf readers. I think we already knew that people who like all the music that *we* like have wonderful personalities, right? those of us with the best taste. here’s an article claiming that musical taste and personality types are related. according to this study, indies have low self-esteem, are creative, not hard working and not gentle… okay! not true, at least in my experience, but I bet they mean indie bands like the arctic monkeys.

2 Replies to “my taste is good taste.”

  1. Is that Pete Doherty in the indie picture? All the indiepop people I know are extremely lovely.

    It a bit strange. Someone who takes so much time to research something like this must obviously have an interest in music, and yet there are such generalisations going on in the genres mentioned that you’d think we’re looking at a weekly NME readers poll.

  2. it is so true. people have different definitions of “pop” outside of our little insular circle of people with excellent indiepop taste, eh?

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