ms wright.

one of chickfactor’s most prized possessions is an annabel wright original belle and sebastian image created for the new yorker in 1998. it hangs proudly on the wall in whatever city we happen to be living in and we adore it. once famous for being “aggi pastel” (chickfactor’s other founding editor once sang about her in that black tambourine tune “throw aggi off the bridge” but I can assure you it was meant in the sweetest of ways), annabel has other big things on which to focus these days. you have seen her art on many an album cover (pastels, sleater-kinney, teenage fanclub, bill wells trio, dump, yo la tengo, etc), and if you happen to be up in scotland, you can check out the scottish show for some more. we pulled this random image off her agency’s website.

image: annabel wright

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  1. I knew Aggi was a bit of an illustrator on the side, but didn’t know anything except thet artwork she did for the Pastels.
    Boy do I like her other work (would love to see that Belle and Sebastian painting).
    Do you know if she’s got any publications coming up of all her work. I’d buy that immediately.

    And I read somewhere that she’s an ex-Pastel now. Does this mean she’s not contributing to the new Pastels record that is supposed to be coming up on Domino ?

    Anyway, I’m off to play “up for a bit…” now (still can’t work out why they remixed “If I could tell you” on the cd version, I love the original vinyl version soooo much, but I guess Stephen finds it a bit too overproduced – I’m a sucker for John A Rivers’production, just listen to those Felt and In Embrace songs he worked on … brilliant)

    Bart (Belgium)

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