missing gwm.

I have been thinking about grant mclennan a lot lately and then I realised it was may of 2006 when he died. I miss him. I could not find much about it on their website, but beggars banquet is about to release a best-of-solo-record of mclennan’s work and also of forster’s. as usual, my idea of what is their best work is different from their own (and apparently they each chose the songs, so what do I know). of course, none of it will ever be the same as watching the two of them together, with robert vickers if at all possible, playing those old songs, and I feel spoiled silly that I got to see so many of their latter-day shows. does anyone know where the girl go-betweens are?

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  1. Amanda Brown scores films and TV programmes. She plays with Toni Collette in The Finish, as well as other bands.

    Lindy Morrison recently unsuccessfully stood as a Democrat in the Federal and NSW elections. (There was a good interview in The Age newspaper if you want to search for that.) She teaches music courses, works with disabled people on music and holds some prestigious positions in music administration. She lives in Sydney.

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