meet julie ocean!

chickfactor is, and will always be, an insular, elitist little insidery unit full of nepotism, favoritism, and the shameless promotion of our friends and loved ones. we are not ashamed of this. quite often the only reason we are friends with people is that we wanted to meet them after hearing their music, seeing their art, eating their food, etc. oh so what! cut us some slack. at least we are not purveying only what the PRs want us to purvey! the latest fab pop act we are pushing is called julie ocean, a d.c. supergroup featuring our pals terry banks (whose stellar pop acts tree fort angst, glo-worm and the saturday people have been known to perform at cf parties and be featured in the fanzine’s pages) and jim spellman (ex of velocity girl, whose various members wrote for and dated members of chickfactor magazine!). oh the shame. check out these two offerings on you tube why don’t you. oh, alex from severin and hunter from weatherhead are also in the band and the foursome’s debut long-player, long gone and nearly there, hits the shops on may 13.