may days.

okay, enough of this faffing around.
here’s what the deal is:
1. we are going to finish the stephin merritt magnetic fields documentary by november. I know, ha ha, you can laugh, but this time I mean it. I am going to learn film editing this summer. we need some funding to finish the film. any ideas? any of our rich friends care to write us a fat check (or cheque) and invest in small struggling indie filmmakers? do you kids have any ideas for us to raise funds? we were thinking of trying to have a giant magnetic fields nerd night with pub quiz and merritt-tune karaoke. or perhaps a 6ths concert at royal festival hall? well, we need to think of things that require little of TMFs themselves… ideas?
2. I am going to learn web design after the film editing class and then I will tidy up this site and the photo one. meanwhile I have put some pics on my flickr page at long last.
3. I will be in NYC this summer if you needed to know, to send me roses or put me on the guest list. I might stay there, but who knows.
4. the cannanes show in durham, NC, was ace. they were shocked to see me there! this nice guy called craig opens up his house for such events.
5. sorry for the lack of posting as usual. I’ve been plagued with sleeplessness, allergy headaches and muscle aches all week! stress, maybe. we are going to finish the movie if it kills us! really. goodbye NC, hello NYC.

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  1. ideas that don’t require TMFs’ presence? OK, how about a prestige night with me wearying the strings on my Oriental Blue CPX-700 by playing 200 Merritt songs in alphabetical order. I can see that raising at least a fiver to pay for a cup of coffee for the Best Boy or the Key Grip.

    I will also be in NYC this summer, mid-June: any chance of seeing you? Lawrence David B and I might manage to meet, and buy more stock in white roses to send you, as requested.

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