m1: lambs conduit street.

if my cards had been dealt differently, I would probably still be working at the london-based monocle magazine, the ambitious multimedia empire helmed by wallpaper founder tyler brule, and I bet it would have been a great job for me! just like them, I adore little streets with nary a chain in sight, such as london’s lovely lambs conduit street, highlighted by the global news and style bible this month. one thing I really miss about lambs conduit street, it has to be said, is rennies, which up and moved to folkestone a while back (and having been to folkestone and seen what kind of houses they have there, I don’t blame them but the town feels a tad culturally barren nonetheless. perhaps it has changed…) if you watch the webcast — and I admire M for making something that doesn’t crash at least one of my outdated browsers — you can see that a jeweler has taken over the space where rennies used to be. sad.

top: the would-be-goods do a photo shoot in and outside of what used to be rennies on lambs conduit street; this: and the would-be-goods sipping a single malt inside the lamb, which rewarded the photographer (me, of course) with just the most magical light I could ever have hoped for that day.