london smiths doc screening alert.

few bands have mattered to chickfactor more than the smiths — and while I feel privileged to have seen them live, I am also grateful that they really did break up when they broke up and there have been no lame reunion shows. and of course! the rhythm section mattered too and here is a new documentary about the smiths, titled inside the smiths, that focuses on what andy rourke and mike joyce have to say about the finest band of the 1980s (apart from, well, new order, and a few others, please do not make me pick). the DVD is available this week and the film will be screened on 19 july at the renoir in london along with a Q&A with rourke and joyce. click here to buy tickets from this heinous flash site. watch a trailer here or here. you can also read a badly edited review here.

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  1. we saw the film last night and oh my god it was the worst, the most embarrassing, the most awful, awful film. if you must watch this please don’t buy the dvd, it’s just terrible filmmaking.

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