life seems neverending when you’re young.

what is it about musicians that some of them age naturally and their music never stops making sense and yet others just seem silly and you want them to go away? I remember seeing the rolling stones in 1981 and thinking just how ridiculously over they were then and how I was almost embarrassed to be seeing them at that point in their career. but for some reason my buddy lloyd cole has become even grumpier and grizzlier in middle age and it’s like seeing an old pal when I see him play. (okay, he’s like 20 years younger than they are, at least. but still.) gavin and mattius and I went to see old man cole last week at the carrboro arts center and lloyd mentioned that you can listen online to everything he’s done. so some of you bored office drones will have something new and free to listen to today! and funny photos of early-’90s lloyd when he was trying a little too hard to be cool. but we’re glad he’s still there, making tunes and having something to say.

photograph of young l.c.: joe shutter, 1984.