life in slumberland.

vinyl lives, part 2: we check in with mike schulman from slumberland records, who have a new seven-inch split single series…

chickfactor: what’s up with slumberland? we hear you are putting out seven-inch singles. can it be? how retro.
mike: what can I say? i just love these little things. I think the 7″ is the perfect format for pop, just the classic bite-size burst of energy. a great showcase for tunes both timeless and ephemeral.
is there an american indie-pop scene or will you be focusing on un-american activities?
there are some american bands that I’m really excited about right now and am working with like the pains of being pure at heart, pants yell!, crystal stilts, vivian girls, caUSE co-MOTION! and others. not all strictly indie-pop, but then neither are we I guess. we’re of course also looking outside the states as always, as evidenced by recent albums from sarandon and the lodger. wherever the tunes are, we hope to be.
tell us about your new split single series.
it’s called ‘searching for the now’ and the idea is to showcase as many great new bands as we can. we can’t afford to do singles and albums with every group that we like, so we started this split single series with the intention of working with as many bands as possible. we’re hoping to release two splits every 10-12 weeks, then compile every 8 or so onto CD for posterity. all singles will be on lovely color vinyl and come wrapped in nicer-than-usual sleeves. of course we’re behind schedule already for the second set, but c’est la vie.
how was it hitting the road with the lodger back in… december? have things changed on the open road?
it was a blast but also tough going. I’m a bit older than the last time I attempted such an escapade, and let me tell you it’s not quite as easy as it used to be to rock all those late nights, long drives and hard floors. it was great fun meeting lots of new people though, seeing the other bands and getting a taste of the south for the first time in a whole. fried everything –- pickles, okra, oreos!
are there many fun bands in the bay area these days?
you know, I’m ashamed to say I don’t really know. I get out so little it’s shameful. I like the mantles a lot, they’re a local garage-pop band. there are some good clubs too — teenage kicks is a monthly that stands out for consistently great music and savvy crowds. and, hey, they let me DJ on occasion so it must be good!
what’s getting your goat / floating your boat at the moment?
getting my goat: weak dollar == expensive import records, the primary season without end, being unable to stay up past 10pm. floating my boat: calla lilies in my garden, baseball is back, soundway records’ continuing run of amazing reissues, the riches and 30 rock new seasons.
see the slumberland site for more details!