ah, I know I cannot stop harping on about how much I miss london because I just do. (I am sorry if you’re sick of it!) especially at this time of year, when the london film festival is about to commence. I would hop on a flight tonight if I could, and if I could I would see…
1. kelly reichardt’s new film wendy & lucy, starring michelle williams (see photo above; nice haircut, michelle) and will oldham. kelly is making movies about members of the tribe and using the beautiful pacific northwest as the lonely backdrop.
2. weird charlie kaufman’s directorial debut, synecdoche new york. it looks better than michel gondry’s last film (er, be kind rewind — anyone see it?), and it has to be with philip seymour hoffman and catherine keener, right?
3. kieran evans’s vashti bunyan movie. kieran wrote and directed the saint etienne love letter to london finisterre, which of course features vashti ruminating on the old smoke.
4. the new film version of nick moran’s play about the strange world of music producer joe meek, who I used to think about whenever I took a 43 bus (emptily down) holloway road…
5. this film about depeche mode fans. there are too many films about (usually half-insane) musicians with their heads up their butts and egos larger than the sun. not enough films about fans! more films about fans please.