leonard cohen.

it took me a long time to come around to liking leonard cohen. thanks to peter momtchiloff for buying me an LC record long after I had kind of given up on him. I recently watched this documentary slash tribute show and it is worth seeing if you’re a fan, despite some overwrought performances from mcgarrigle/wainwright family members, some estrogen-fuelled singers I didn’t recognize but whose performances seem to go on…. and on……., and was it a bad dream or was that awful antony singing an LC song? and of course there was U2, the early 80s band that will not die, really kissing lenny’s ass. there were some lovely performances too, particularly anything that nick cave does, natch. (btw, here is a nice piece that will self wrote about nick cave) but in the end I think this documentary proves one thing: hearing your idols ramble on about themselves does not necessarily make them more interesting.