he’s the boss.

I think he’s written a few great songs, such as ‘rosalita,’ ‘thunder road,’ ‘because the night’ (patti smith’s finest hour) and ‘fire’ (written for robert gordon or elvis presley, made famous by the pointer sisters), and there are a few more. but why is it that no matter what he does and how well meaning he is, bruce springsteen will never be cool? what do you guys think?

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  1. Sooo true.

    I have to admit I like those songs too, but I can never bring myself to buy any of his records …

    He always seems to represent an America which I’m not keen on, an America which thinks it’s the centre of the universe (even though I know that’s not true cause he is a very well meaning man who always stood up for the less well off in his songs and he isn’t this great big patriot)

    Bart (belgium)

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